Darkmask Lux

Luneeo's mission is to

create innovative sleep products,

that has the customer's needs built right into the core of the business,

with the philosophy that quality sleep is paramount to success.

From concept to reality

Light sleep


Sleep is the most essential part of a healthy lifestyle.
We identified multiple issues that make sleeping difficult and could benefit from better solutions.
The first issue we want to address is light pollution in the bedroom, which a sleep mask can help with.
21. Mar 2021

Foundation of Luneeo

Luneeo's mission is to develop new, cutting-edge sleep products to address the growing issue of sleep deprivation.
1. Dec 2021
Luneeo sleepingmask prototype

Sleepmask - Prototype 9

High-fidelity prototype developed from the materials to be used in the final product, taking into account the production methods to be used in the final product.
22. Apr 2022
Luneeo er fondet


We have received funding!
12. June 2022
Blackout mask package

Blackout Mask Lux - Launch

Expected launch sometime in the start of the new year.
2. Jan 2023
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